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On-line space for playing recorders

Welcome to the Music as Movement website - a unique platform for learning to play the recorder, where you can find an ever-growing audio library with backing tracks to pieces for our beloved instruments.

Famous pieces and collections of renaissance - baroque - folk music - jazz - pop - modern - all in one place with the comfort of sharing music. The priority here is motivation - rhythm - intonation and enjoyment of music.

No apps needed: just download a title or choose a subscription and create playlists for pupils according to their needs and your requirements. Improving has never been easier!

Handig om vast kennis te maken met een continuo partij die je kunt beluisteren, meelezen en meespelen! Je kunt je inschrijven voor verschillende pakketten, waarbij docenten ook hun leerlingen toegang kunnen verlenen. Ga er zeker rondkijken! (Blokfluitist)


Try learning for FREE with our platform

Do you want to try teaching the recorder with the help of our platform?

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Register and immediately after registration you will be automatically set up a subscription For Everyone XL (up to 23 pupils) for 60 days.

Two months absolutely FREE. Plenty of time to test the system, add pupils, create playlists for them, plug them into the music flow and see how they react. Plenty of space to find out how easy, effective and convenient teaching is with our platform!

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How to use music on this site

You can use pieces in the audio library in two ways:

1.    by purchasing a subscription, you get online access to all pieces in the selected section and the possibility of sharing them with your pupils

 2.    by purchasing individual pieces, you will be allowed to download them and you will receive an individual license to play them

Subscription as a gift

Do you want to please and inspire your colleagues or lovers of recorders  and creative teaching? Here you can order a gift voucher for them to use the Music as Movement website. The voucher will arrive in your e-mail with a generated code that will enable the recipient to activate the subscription as needed.

For Everyone

Subscription For Everyone focuses on progressive learning to play the recorder. Players can study favorite repertoire and teachers can create and share playlists with their pupils.

For Early Music Fans

Early music fans can play popular compositions of the early and high Baroque and get to know other early music repertoire. The backing tracks are recorded by stylistically experienced harpsichordists in 440 and 415 Hz.

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The Music as Movement Project

The Music as Movement project brings new possibilities for users' creativity to music education in the field of playing a recorder. From the very beginning of studying a tune, the musician has the opportunity to perceive the composition as a whole and adapt the technique of playing with an accompaniment in order to achieve a distinctive sound and prepare for a live performance with musical friends. The accompaniments function as a sound-advanced audio-metronome and are based on the content of well-known textbooks and collections. The project does not provide sheet music materials; all the sheet music used is listed as a source for the compositions. Exceptions: the folk songs from the Náš poklad / Our Treasure collection by F. Sládek (score and recorder part) and compositions used in transposed key (recorder part). Due to the limitless amount of literature for the recorder, the audio library is continuously expanded to include additional repertoire. The subscription is divided into sections For Everyone and For Early Music Fans.

The For Everyone section presents 14 chapters with compositions for soprano and alto recorders. The pieces are sorted according to the range of the instrument and intervals being discussed, and teachers can use them to create playlists for their students, which students can share and practice at home. The accompaniments also contain files with a recorder line, which can become an inspiration for teaching articulation. The material is suitable both for specialist teachers and for those who teach the recorder as a preparatory instrument. The content of the audio library is a great supplement to any printed textbook, the text part sheds light on the philosophy of the project and shares teaching topics with the reader.

The For Early Music Fans section provides users with the opportunity to study the early and high Baroque repertoire with the accompaniment in a stylish performance by experienced basso continuo players. The tracks are recorded in the 440 and 415 Hz tuning.


About the author of the project

Karel Odehnal started playing the recorder at the age of 25. He first studied privately with Jan Kvapil, later he studied at the Academy of Early Music in Brno with Susanne Wagner. He studied music at a number of seminars and the Summer School of Early Music in Prachatice, with other top players and teachers, such as Julie Braná, Carin van Heerden, Kerstin de Witt, Alan Davis, Jostein Gundersen, and others. He works as a pedagogue at SZUŠ Blansko, Czech Republic, and his pupils achieve high ratings in interpretation competitions in both solo and chamber music.

Charlie - Heated bag for recorders

The heated bag for recorders Charlie provides thermal comfort to recorders in any environment. Whether you are studying for long hours or performing at a concert in a cold environment, placing the mouthpieces in the bag will temper them, so you are able to tune immediately and avoid the distracting crowding of flutes. You can use a digital thermostat to set the temperature according to your preferences. The stability and protection of the instruments offered by this bag are ensured by 2 thermal sensors. The dimensions are cca 45 x 50 cm. I have been using the bag without any problems actually every single day since June 2018, when it was created as a prototype in cooperation with Ondřej Pytela, who designed the technical solution. If you are interested, you can contact this manufacturer at

Charlie - Heated bag for recorders